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Rolex Daytona Watches Are Worth Investing

The Rolex 116523 Cosmograph Daytona watches are designed for those who are professional divers and need supreme functionality and legibility in all kinds of endurance races. The chronograph is the combination of elegance, luxury and high-end technology. The first piece of Cosmography Daytona collection was named after a well-known motor-racing circuit in america and was released in 1963. It was definitely a newcomer to the rising Professional collection which has provided plenty of reliable timekeeping tools to sailors, drivers, pilots and explorers. Similarly, the Submariner, the Milgauss, the GMT Master and the Explorer are also some iconic collections in the big family.
Although Daytona was not the first chronograph for Rolex, it was endowed with two vital innovations which formed the status of icon among rolex daytona 116523. Firstly, the Swiss watch incorporated brand-new mechanism together with three chronograph counters to ensure superb accuracy. Secondly, a tachymeter scale was engraved on the bezel for the first time. With all the functions that offered precise measurement of elapsed time and average speed, racers could get everything they needed. After the presentation on the racing movie this Rolex Cosmograph Daytona collection got the global popularity in a fast speed.
The company has enriched the series with many advanced models, yet the substance of the initial version has been kept all the way. Now, it spots a patent Caliber 4130 chronograph movement. The self-winding device offers 72-hour power reserve. Due to the Parachrom hairspring, the mechanism boasts excellent resistance to temperature changes, magnetic fields and shocks. The hairspring also influences on the precision. The model is a successor to the Zenith El Primero Caliber 4030 which was incorporated in the model from 1988. There are altogether 290 components to advance the accuracy and reliability. Rolex watches are always the most desirable accessories for both men and women in the whole world.
In addition to this factor, the high prices of these watches also result from other factors, including the world-famous brand, the appealing looks and the remarkable functions. We all know that Rolex is one of the leading watch brands in the world and its watches are admired by lots of people, so no matter what function or what look the watch has, it will give the wearer prestige and some sort of confidence. This is also why most people look for branded watches. In addition, daytona 116523 ii watches have an appealing look which is quite attractive to watch lovers. They come in gold bracelet or stainless steel bracelet, black or white dial and double-locking safety clasp. All these physical features can even conquer those who have no interest in watches. Most importantly, these watches are water-resistant up to 100 meters and they can reserve power for about 72 hours. The top-notch movements allow these timepieces to tell time precisely.

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